Talented Artiste El Jamzy To Drop a New Project Ep See Title, Tracks & Release Date.

 Talented Northern Artiste James Musa with Stage name El Jamzy Set to release a new project an Album Ep(Extended Play) tagged On the Grapevine, El Jamzy want to start his new year with a well new project On the Grapevine Ep, on his Verdict about the new project 'On the grapevine' is the title I choose on my Ep base on the body of the music, I heard it on the grapevine,a dramatic tale of emotional betrayal, that gives me an idea of my first recording song,' you'  I started planning this Ep July 2020 working with a producer, seek on the Beat, who mix and mastered the songs,

 I was awarded artist of the year,that was a sign of greatness that keep me motivated, 

     On the grapevine keep fans asking, the meaning and why I choose.  hence, grapevine is an indirect mouth to mouth conversation, that is An informal say on something,since from day one ,that I was nominated artist of the year, rumors were heard through the Grapevine of which I don't know the source,that gave me my next song title"why"

And I come up again with another banger,Bad thing, people say  I Bad especially because am an artist, they believe we are Into the world and that is giving them wrong,though I heard on the grapevine too.

There is always some absurd rumors or piece of mis information on the grapevine at work,but I try to just tune them most of that out. So I came with a love song ,which I cover the Ep with "look in my eye"

To make the Ep Sound Good to the listeners. On the Grapevine Ep will houses Four Tracks on the flyers

Track list Below

Project: Album

Album Artiste : El Jamzy

Tracks: 4 Tracks

Release Date : January 5th 2022 

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