StevRap - "SOS" Sound of stev Album

  The highly anticipated album Sound Of Steve drops today. Steven Iliya Gizo who goes by the name Steverap is a Khally indigenous rapper and performing artist. Steven Iliya Gizo took interest in music from a young age, and like most people who would pursue a career in the industry, he revealed that he never thought he would go into music later in life.
It’s been a long ride from the days of bumping to the music of his favorite artists, miming with the boys, and occasionally running out of space on his mobile device due to incessant download of songs. As any man in love with his craft, Steve eventually took a keen interest in creating his sounds. At first, it was experimental. He was just a young boy who wanted to see what he could make; a few rhymes here and there, a few punch lines to share with his friends, do a freestyle once in a while, and that was it – nothing more. Eventually, he would decide to pursue music more seriously, setting goals for himself and making plans for the future. While Steve is by no means a huge name in the industry, his dedication, and level of commitment to his still infantile music career has garnered him a lot of recognition in the Khally music scene.
His latest single ‘Kilode’ which he released date of release has become the talk of the town as everybody bumps to the new style he introduced. Although not exactly new, it comes with its uniqueness, unlike most songs you’d find in the Khally music space. This has made him stand out from the rest of the artists in his locale and gained him a decent fan base.
People have often criticized Steve and many have said he does not go according to the stage name he gave himself, Steve(rap). The rap in his name is to indicate he is a rapper, but his recent single bumps with the Afro/Hipop vibes. This has brought him his fair share of criticism as every artist is to expect on his way to the top. Although, it would be worth noting that Steve did mention that his favorite artist is Wizkid. As we all know, Wizkid is an Afro-pop singer and by no means a rapper. We should expect that Steve would likely want to make music that goes in line with what he admires, and in this case, undoubtedly Afro-pop. But this begs the question though ‘what naming himself Steverap a deliberate move, or some sort of identity crisis?’ This can only be revealed as his music career unfolds.
Apart from having love for the Afro-pop singer, Steve has also mentioned his admiration for the Bauchi meteoric rapper, BOC Madaki. The Top North Artiste who has been making waves in the music industry, and is undoubtedly the biggest name in Arewa also makes an appearance on Steve’s album Sound Of Steve, along with the Afro/RnB sensation, C-Man. For the upcoming Steve, these are big names and notable forward strides having these two on his very first album. This goes to prove just how much Steve has shown himself the next rated hip hop artist coming out of the Arewa music scene.
Sound Of Steve holds a total of seven songs, and no doubt has the attention of the whole Khally music scene as everybody anticipates its release. A project the young musician has put his heart and soul to bring to reality, and the official mark to the beginning of his music career since his days in secondary back in 2015 when he started pursuing music more seriously.
What should you expect from Steverap’s new album? You’ll have to download it to find out. But going by his impressive accolades, the album is undoubtedly going to make waves and be the sensation of the year for the Khallian music scene.

Album name: SOS (Sound of Stev)
Tracklist: 7 Tracks

Released Date : 5th September 2020

1.  No bad Sound | Download Here

2 .Playboi| Download Now

3.  Okay| Download Now

4. Kilode | Download Now

5. Based on Level ft B O C

6. Orobo ft Cman | Download Now

7. Controller | Download Now


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